Alston Moor's Community Ambulance and its dedicated crew is under threat. North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) has announced plans to take away the emergency vehicle and make the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) redundant. This tight-knit community of around 2,500 people spread over a beautiful but remote landscape of 80 square miles is pulling together to do everything they can to stop this from happening. Alston Moor, nestled high up in the North Pennines is a popular tourist destination. An ideal base not only for Cumbria, but for visiting Northumberland, Teesdale, the Lake District and even Scotland. We want our residents to be safe, but also our very welcome day-trippers and holiday-makers.

The NHS Ambulance Standards state that the average response time for life-threatening illnesses or injuries (category 1) is seven minutes and emergency call-outs (category 2) 18 minutes. Without an ambulance and EMTs on Alston Moor it would take a MINIMUM of 40 minutes to reach the scene. That time could easily stretch to two hours or more, depending on the weather, traffic and if, through no fault of their own the ambulance sent from Penrith, Carlisle or even as far as Preston and Manchester can't find the location due to their lack of local knowledge.

This website provides information about our campaign. The background, what we've done, what we're planning to do and all the latest up-to-date news and events. Please sign our petition and email us with ideas and any other support you can offer. Most of all tell as many people as you can about the 'Save Alston Moor's Ambulance' campaign. The fight to save our services is a monumental one, but if we all work together we can win.

It is a fight we MUST win, because if we fail then there is one certain – lives will be lost!

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Alston Moor hits the national headlines again

Calling GPs - Come to Alston Moor!

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Sounds like a a great idea for a TV series. Maybe a spin-off from the successful medical drama Doc Martin, starring Martin Clunes?

Unfortunately it isn't, it's real life and it's happening here on Alston Moor. Since Dr Michael Hanley took his well-deserved retirement after nearly 30 years as senior partner at our practice earlier in the year, Dr Claire Corlett has been left to hold the fort. While she is doing an amazing job with the help and support of the rest of the team, residents on Alston Moor need another GP as Dr Corlett cannot be expected to carry on with such a heavy workload indefinately. Let's hope this kind of high-profile publicity on The Guardian website will help spread the word and attract the right person to the job. A person who would relish the prospect of working for such a rural practice in a beautiful location such as Alston Moor.

Although this long-standing vacancy is not directly linked to the threat to our ambulance service, it's a major factor in our situation and has far-reaching implications.

Please share wherever your can. There is the perfect GP out there, waiting in the wings... they just don't know about us yet!